Living with a Depressed Person

Helpful tips for how you can support your loved one who suffers from depression.

Living with a Depressed Person
Carrie Cravens
Oct 26, 2023

Living with depression can feel like an exhausting uphill battle and the caregivers and loved ones of those with the illness often feel challenged as well. It's important to remember that depression is an illness, and much like we would support and care for a family member with a disease such as cancer, we should offer that same level of care to the person with depression. As we move out of October which is Depression Awareness Month and gear up for November, it's only fitting to highlight care and considerations needed for the caregivers during National Family Caregivers Month. This article, written by Kathleen Smith, PhD, LPC provides helpful insight into many feelings caregivers experience as well as gives tips on how you ca support your loved one.

Living with a Depressed Person (